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Understanding Home Insurance Policy Changes When Renting Out Your House

Renting out your home can provide a steady income stream, but ensuring you have the right insurance coverage is important. If you’re considering becoming a landlord in Missouri, Iowa, or Illinois, you must make some essential home insurance policy changes to protect your investment.  We can help guide you through the process by partnering with Southern Iowa Insurance Services.

Here’s how your home insurance policy may need to be updated when renting out your property:

Increased Liability Coverage:

When you become a landlord, you assume a new level of responsibility. If a tenant or a visitor is injured on your property, you could be liable for any damages. You may want to increase your liability insurance coverage to protect yourself from lawsuits.

 Add Landlord Property Coverage:

With landlord property insurance, you’ll have protection for your rental property’s structure, such as the roof, walls, and foundation. If a disaster such as a fire or a storm damages the rental property, you can get repairs and avoid paying for them out of pocket. You may also consider adding a contents coverage policy to cover furnishings, appliances, and other rented items.

 Loss of Rental Income Coverage:

One of the main benefits of renting out your property is earning rental income. However, if a tenant stops paying rent due to damage to the property or other reasons, you could be left with a significant financial loss. Loss of rental income coverage can help compensate you for lost earnings if your property is uninhabitable due to damage.

We Can Help!

Whether in Missouri, Iowa, or Illinois, renting out your home can be a smart financial decision. Contact Southern Iowa Insurance Services today to update your home insurance policy.

Is Flood Insurance Worthwhile?

As the saying goes, "when it rains, it pours" – and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to natural disasters like floods. Floods can happen anywhere and at any time, and they are becoming increasingly common and severe in many areas of the United States. That’s why it’s essential to consider flood insurance as part of your overall risk management strategy.

Flood Insurance Coverage Explained

Flood insurance from Southern Iowa Insurance Services is designed to cover damage caused by water in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois that enters your home or property through an external source, such as heavy rain, storm surge, or overflowing rivers and lakes. 

Most flood policies cover two types of losses: building coverage, which pays for damage to the structure of your home, and contents coverage, which pays for damage to your personal property inside the home. However, there are some limitations to flood insurance. For example, damage caused by flooding from a burst pipe inside your home may not be covered, so it’s important to read the fine print and understand what is and isn’t covered.

Understanding Your Flood Zone

One of the most significant factors that determine your flood insurance premiums is your flood zone. Your flood zone is determined by FEMA based on your property’s location, elevation, and proximity to flood-prone areas. Properties in high-risk zones will typically have higher premiums than those in lower-risk zones. However, it’s worth considering flood insurance even if you’re not in a high-risk zone, as floods can happen anywhere, and just one instance of flooding can have devastating financial consequences.

Benefits of Flood Insurance Beyond Natural Disasters

In addition to protecting against natural disasters, flood insurance can also cover damage caused by burst pipes, sewer backups, and other water-related incidents. These types of events can be just as costly and damaging as floods, so it’s worth considering these scenarios when deciding whether to purchase flood insurance.

We Are Here To Help!

Flood insurance is a crucial component of any comprehensive risk management strategy. It’s worth taking the time to understand the risks in your area, your flood zone, and your policy’s coverage and limitations to make an informed decision about whether flood insurance is right for you.

At Southern Iowa Insurance Services, we specialize in helping homeowners and businesses make solid insurance choices for their unique needs in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. Contact us today to learn more about flood insurance and how we can help you stay protected. 

Questions to ask before choosing your health insurance

You choose your health insurance yearly. You will live with this decision for the next 12 months. The level of health care you receive depends on it. Southern Iowa Insurance Services in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois offers the personalized service that you deserve. 

Health Insurance FAQs

What is the premium?

While the premium is not the most important factor in determining your health insurance choice, it does have to factor in. There is nothing to be gained by choosing a policy that you can’t afford. It is always a balancing act to get the best possible coverage while having an affordable premium. 

Can I see my doctor?

Every carrier has a network of healthcare providers who offers services to their customers at a prearranged fee. Not every doctor is in every network, so if you have a doctor you can’t live without, you need to check the network to make sure they are on it before you choose your policy. 

What is the deductible?

Every policy has an amount that must be paid before the insurance starts to cover expenses. This must be met every year.  High deductible policies are more affordable, but you must pay more out of pocket. 

Do I have prescription coverage?

Not every health insurance policy includes prescription coverage. It is important if you take prescription medication, you make sure that you have coverage and also check what the copay is for your particular drug. 

Can I add additional coverage to my policy?

If the health policy doesn’t include the coverage you want such as vision or dental, it is important that you can add it to the original policy if you want it. 

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Give Southern Iowa Insurance Services in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois a call to find out more about the health care insurance we offer. 

Do I need additional insurance if I drive a carpool every day?

Carpooling is becoming increasingly popular in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois due to its environmental and economic benefits. But what does it mean for your auto insurance policy? Do you need additional coverage if you are driving a carpool every day? Southern Iowa Insurance Services is here to assist with what you should know about car insurance when it comes to carpooling.

Do I Need Additional Car Insurance for Driving a Carpool?

Your Personal Auto Insurance Policy

The most important thing to understand is that your personal auto insurance policy covers the vehicle only when you are using it for personal reasons. So if you are driving your own car as part of a carpool, then your policy should apply as long as you have the appropriate liability coverage and other necessary requirements in place. However, if someone else is driving your car, then their policy may be held responsible in case of an accident.

Additional Coverage Through Your Employer

If you are transporting people to work or other business-related activities, then the company may require extra coverage. This could include general liability insurance, rental car insurance, or even commercial auto insurance depending on the situation. It’s important to check with your employer to make sure that they have an adequate amount of coverage in place before taking on any additional passengers.

Contact Us Today

When it comes to driving a carpool, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration regarding your auto insurance policy whether you are in Iowa, Missouri, or Illinois. Contact Southern Iowa Insurance Services today – we are here to answer any questions and help you get the right coverage for you.

Terms you need to understand when choosing health insurance

Residents of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois count on the experienced team at Southern Iowa Insurance Services to be there for them when they need to choose their health insurance. This once-a-year event is something no one looks forward to unless they made a bad choice last year. Unless you are a health insurance expert, most of the insurance terms don’t mean anything to you. Here are some that will be helpful for everyone to know. 

Key Health Insurance Terms


The network is the health care professionals who have contracted with the carrier to provide services at an agreed-upon price. If you have doctors or other health care professionals you prefer, you need to ensure that they are included in the network of the company you choose for your health insurance. 


The formulary is the list of drugs that are covered by your insurance carrier. The drugs are listed in tiers. Drugs in tier one are the least expensive, maybe even free. In the upper tiers, there are often copayments and deductibles. It is vital for your health that you make sure you can get any prescription that you take. Not every drug is included in any carrier’s formulary. 


The deductible is the amount you are required to pay out of pocket every year before the health insurance starts to cover medical expenses. 

Primary care physician

Some health insurance policies require that you choose a primary care physician who is in charge of your health decisions. He must give you a referral to see a specialist or to get tests done. These are all part of some types of managed care. 


A copay is your portion of a medical service or prescription. It should be listed in your plan booklet. 

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In Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois when you need health insurance, Southern Iowa Insurance Services can provide you with the information and the choices you require. 

What is defensive driving?

SIIS is happy to serve clients in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois with all their auto insurance needs. We can also provide related guidance for best practices on the road and tips to increase your safety. 

Most drivers know what defensive driving is, but not everyone takes the time to learn how to do it properly. Defensive driving is a technique that helps you stay safe while on the road, and it can be applied in different situations. There are many benefits to practicing defensive driving, including reducing your risk of getting into an accident, minimizing injuries if you are involved in an accident, and keeping yourself and your passengers safe.

Defensive Driving: The Basics

1. What is defensive driving?

Defensive driving is a technique that helps you stay safe while on the road. It can be applied in different situations, and there are many benefits to practicing it, including reducing your risk of getting into an accident, minimizing injuries if you are involved in an accident, and keeping yourself and your passengers safe.

2. The benefits of defensive driving

There are many benefits to practicing defensive driving, including better control over your vehicle, improved awareness of the road and other drivers around you, and a reduced risk of accidents or injuries. Other benefits include being able to react more quickly in emergencies and preventing aggressive drivers from causing trouble on the roadways.

3. How to practice defensive driving

There are many different techniques that you can use to practice defensive driving, including focusing on your surroundings and paying attention to potential hazards, maintaining a safe distance from other drivers, staying calm and level-headed when faced with difficult situations, and avoiding distractions like talking on the phone or texting while driving.

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If you have any more questions about how to stay safe on the roads, give SIIS a call today. We proudly serve all in Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.

Why Bundling Commercial Insurance Makes Sense for Midwest Businesses

Every Midwest business needs to give considerable thought to its approach to commercial insurance. When it comes to your Midwest business, how do you go about buying insurance? If you do not do it already, you want to think about bundling insurance to make your life easier and give your insurance provider the best chance to offer you real value. 

Serving the Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois regions, SIIS is here to help educate you on the variety of commercial insurance options available.

Benefits You Get With Bundling

As an insurance customer, you will get a lot of benefits when it comes to bundling together your commercial insurance policies. Some of these benefits include:

  • Money Savings – You will have a chance to save money. Most insurance carriers will offer discounts when you bundle a variety of different lines of insurance together.
  • Time Savings – It takes time to shop for insurance. When you can get everything from one insurance carrier, it simplifies your policy, and your premium, and makes renewals more streamlined.
  • Minimizing Coverage Gaps – The last thing that you want for your Midwest business is gaps in coverage. The way that you can battle back against coverage gaps is to look at all of the insurance you buy as one package.  

Get Commercial Insurance Today

You want to protect your Midwest business from all angles when it comes to bundling commercial insurance. You need to think of your insurance package as a wall of protection. You do not want gaps in the wall, allowing for leaks. Instead, you want to fill all gaps with an insurance set-up that protects your property and assets and more.  Serving the Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois regions, SIIS can help you bundle the important insurance coverages required for your business.

Tips for getting your home ready for winter

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, it is time to start thinking about getting your home ready for winter. During the winter, we spend more time in our homes, and it is important that it is a safe and comfortable place to lay your head. For your home insurance needs, you can count on SIIS to serve the states of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois. 

Tips for getting your home ready for winter

Before the cold weather sets in, it is important to get your chimney and your furnace cleaned. Fire is always a concern in any home and making sure the chimney is not a fire hazard and that your furnace is working efficiently is important for your safety and your wallet. 

This is a good time to make sure that your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide detector are working and that the battery backup is also working. You will be using your furnace and spending more time indoors during the winter, and you need it to be safe. 

With the rising price of heating your home, it is more important than ever to make sure that you are not losing any heat. Checking all your windows and doors for leaks and then caulking the leaks can save you from wasting your hard-earned money. 

Making sure that you have what you need to deal with snow and ice is part of getting ready for winter. Get your snow blower tuned up, make sure you have a snow shovel, and go to the hardware store for a bag of sand and a bag of salt. Once you have done all this, it is time to sit back and enjoy the beauty that is winter. 

Get Insurance Coverage For Your Home

Contact our team at SIIS serving the states of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois for all of your home insurance needs. 

The Midwest Needs Flood Insurance Too!

Everyone needs insurance. But not always the same insurance. SIIS will tailor an insurance plan to meet your needs, offering many coverages and services in this ever-changing world.

SIIS is a locally owned and operated independent insurance agency located in West Point, Iowa, servicing Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri. SIIS is a partner agency with the Midwest Independent Insurance Alliance providing an assortment of products and companies enabling them to find you the best coverage at the best price.

Flood Insurance in the Midwest

If you reside in the Midwest, you probably never thought you would need flood insurance, right? Floods are the most common natural disaster in the country. Heavy rainfall and winter storms, along with the snowmelt to follow are common, but overlooked causes of flooding.

The average flood damage cost is typically between $1,000 and $8,000.

If you live in an area that floods, for example, near a body of water or in an area prone to heavy rainfall and storms, it is necessary to have flood insurance to protect your assets and financial future. Many people do not know that damage caused by flood water is not covered by a homeowner’s policy.

Your home, outbuildings, and personal property can be insured through a separate flood insurance policy written through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Contact Us Today

Learn about the necessity of flood insurance through the knowledgeable and trusted insurance agents at SIIS; we proudly serve the residents of Iowa, Missouri, and Illinois.  Call or stop in to get your quote today and be assured that in the event you are a victim of this most common natural disaster you will be protected.

What is the benefit of having health insurance?

Anyone living in the state of Iowa will have various insurance needs. A type of coverage that all people here need to have is health insurance. This is an important form of coverage as it provides various benefits to the policyholders and plans beneficiaries.

There are various benefits in particular that come with having a full health insurance policy:

Access to Affordable Care

The primary reason people will want to have health insurance is that it can ensure they have access to more affordable care. Receiving any type of care today can be quite expensive. If you have a health insurance plan, you can save money in various ways. With this coverage, you can be part of a more affordable care network and will have minimal co-pays and annual caps on total care that will reduce out-of-pocket costs. 

Comply with Law

You also should get a health insurance plan so you can comply with the law. For the past several years, all people across the country have been required to have health insurance. If you do not have coverage, you will be penalized when filing your taxes. If you carry a plan with proper health coverage, you will be in good standing with this obligation and can avoid penalization.

Give Us A Call

It is very important for all people in Iowa to select a proper health insurance plan. If you would like to get this coverage when you are here, it can be helpful to call SIIS. There are a lot of choices that need to be made as you are looking for health coverage. The professionals with SIIS will understand all of the options and your needs, which will allow them to give the guidance necessary to select a proper plan. 

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